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Phoenix Systems is a Jersey (Channel Islands) based Company that has been developing and supplying the Phoenix Trust Software system for the past 22 years.

Originally developed with the needs of offshore clients in mind and launched in 1996, the system is well proven and fully developed. The system has been improving in line with the changing needs of clients and regulatory developments. Phoenix is developed on the .NET framework and currently runs both ORACLE and MS-SQL databases.

Phoenix is a versatile and well integrated package. The system is fully scalable; Phoenix systems have been delivered to businesses with as many as 1,100 users, and as few as five.


...We Achieve More

The Phoenix development team carefully listen to their customers feedback and continue to develop and improve the system.

  • Years in operation

  • Offshore Locations

  • Versions released

Phoenix Worlwide Client Locations:

Jersey • Guernsey • Bahamas • Bermuda • Cayman Islands • Gibraltar • Hong Kong • Isle of Man • Luxembourg • Ireland • Singapore • Malta • Monaco • Mauritius • Zurich • Geneva • Macau
Trust and Company Administration


Used by leading banks and several Fortune 500 institutions, Phoenix System is a stand-alone administration and management system for the global wealth management industry.

The Phoenix System has evolved over 22 years to become a modern, stable, secure and reliable solution deployed in the majority of the Offshore Financial Centres across the world.
We've built and improved the system over many years with the help and feedback of our customers. Our consultants have over 40 combined years of experience in the finance industry so we understand the
daily challenges your company face and have designed Phoenix to support and facilitate your day to day work.

Additionally, the strength of the Phoenix System is our team agility to be flexible and accommodating, we regularly develop and add custom features at the request of specific clients or adjust and change parts of the system to suit particular requirements.
Phoenix licensing structure is also appropriately designed to suit large corporations with many hundreds of staff to small firms with a few employees.

Phoenix is a truly versatile system

Key Features

The 5th evolution after 22 years of worldwide use, Phoenix has the following features built-in:
  • Company registers and Statutory records
  • Client File Management
  • Bank, Ledger and Investment Management
  • Client Accounting
  • Valuations
  • Aged Debt reporting and processing
  • Assets and Stocks management
  • Secure File and custody Archive
  • Bank Clarity Module
  • Disbursement and Fixed Fee Recording
  • Global Fee Application
  • Time recording and billing
  • Share register Administration
  • Extensive in-depth reporting and analysis
  • CDD & KYC Compliance records
  • FATCA, CRS and AEI compliance records
  • Multiple Posting Types with multi-currency
  • Internal Messaging System and alerts

Latest Developments

Phoenix V5 introduces some important and notable features:


In May 2018, the new Data Protection Regulations (GDPR) come into force. Is your system compliant? Phoenix V5 includes all the necessary tools to ensure your company is and remains so.

Providing data encryption, biometric authentication, two factors authentication, subject access request, right to be forgotten and many other features.


In partnership with the leading financial analytic service providers Dow Jones and Experian, Phoenix is introducing built-in KYC/CDD checks.

Right from the on-boarding process, perform instant identity and historical checks on your clients as well as automated regular maintenance checks.


For companies dealing with international transactions on a regular basis, keeping track of currency fluctuation is crucial. Phoenix now has a real time built-in currency update with Forex rate history all the way back to 1999 and a live exchange rate currency convertor.


Phoenix was recently updated to the latest .NET framework providing security, reliability and improved performance as well as much more room for expansion.

Additionally, Phoenix was ported from an Oracle Database to Microsoft SQL in order to simplify maintenance process and future updates.

All client records were encrypted to the latest AES256 standard in the process.


Phoenix has been built on many years of experience, has hundreds of features and the latest Phoenix V5 is even more pro-active on your behalf.

Phoenix now monitors all your KYC/CDD renewal dates, performs checks, verifies the validity of certificates and other documents, monitors currency fluctuation and alerts you if something need your attention.


There are a limited number of Wealth and Company Management Systems available and moving from one system to another is never an easy process. Aside of having to learn the new system, it is often impossible to transfer the data across without huge amount of time invested in the process.

Phoenix now has a built-in migration tool allowing to import your data from your existing system to Phoenix for a smooth transition process (please check with us for compatibility).
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